SeeFlo® 690 Bead / Shot Dispensing System


A fixed ratio dispensing system for 2 component adhesives, sealants & encapsulants

When the job calls for dispensing beads or volumetric 'shots' of abrasive or viscous thermosetting (two component) materials, the SeeFlo® 690 is the manufacturing engineer's system of choice.

Introduced specifically to combat the effects that difficult to handle materials have on meter / mix equipment, the SeeFlo® 690 system incorporates a host of desirable features coupled with many options.

Positive displacement meter rods, powered by a common
AirDraulic™ drive, proportion the two components to the material manufacturer's exact volumetric ratio. To void the effects of abrasive materials, the hardened and ground meter rods never touch (scrub) the meter cylinder walls throughout the dispense or reload cycle. Air powered, carbide constructed valves direct the material's flow into and out of the metering cylinders. The valve's 3,000 psi operating pressure permits dispensing of high viscosity materials (up to 1,000,000 cps). Meter cylinder wet cups isolate material from atmospheric moisture - critical for moisture sensitive silicones or urethanes.

These SeeFlo® 690 features provide flexibility that cup style meters cannot match.


Mixing & Clean Cut Off

Low cost,
No-Flush™ disposable plastic mixer nozzles, attached to a dual component dispense valve, thoroughly blends the material components just prior to dispensing, while eliminating the need to solvent flush the mixer. The valve's Snuf-Bak™ closing action guarantees a clean material shut off without dripping or stringing. For lower viscosity materials containing a high degree of abrasive particles, a No-Drip™ carbide dispense valve is an option.

Shot Size
For potting, encapsulation, or casting applications, precise volumetric shots are assured time after time. Shot size is adjusted by a cylinder stroke control bolt with a hard stop…simple yet effective.

Alternatively, why not combine with our Program-A-Shot™ electronic volumetric dispense package, which offers up to 30 user programmable shot volumes via a simple DTAM control panel interface.

Controlled Dispense Rate
A smooth, consistent dispense flow rate is insured by the 690's
AirDraulic™ drive. This feature provides precise dispense rate flow control when a slow, gradual fill or a high quality, uniform bead is required.

The standard 690 includes a 110 VAC control circuit (240 VAC also available) requiring only a contact closure to initiate the dispense cycle. Shot counters, purge timers, and PLC controllers are among the options that can make the
SeeFlo® 690 a totally automated system.

Optional Material Supply
To assure positive priming, it is recommended that material be supplied to the meter cylinders by pressure vessels or pumps. Other options can include material agitation, temperature conditioning, recirculation, or vacuum degassing.

The Bottom Line
With it's numerous dispense controls, the
SeeFlo® 690 is designed to improve your operation. Couple this flexibility with its reliability and you have a dispense system you can count on to increase productivity.


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