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  The Inventors of CeramPump Technology

FMI pioneered the first patented valveless rotating and reciprocating piston metering pump concept and has been providing precise fluid control for over 54 years.

FMI dispensers and metering pumps have been utilised in a broad range of laboratory, analytical, industrial process, and OEM applications requiring precision fluid control.

Typical applications include accurate dosing of the following....

  • Vitamins
  • Food Colours
  • Flavours
  • Fragrances
  • Preservatives
  • Enzymes
  • Candy Polishes
  • Aseptic Packaging
  • Agricultural Chemicals
  • CIP Chemicals
  • and much more.....

Unique Valveless Design Features

  • Patented "No Valve" Design eliminates problems caused by valves which clog, leak, and require service.
  • One Moving Part CeramPump design utilises a single dimensionally stable, chemically inert CERAMIC piston ensuring long term, drift free fluid control.
  • Accuracy, Precision, & Reliability measured in millions of "trouble free" cycles.
  • Aspirate, Dispense, & Meter fluids from microlitres to litres at an accuracy of 1% and a precision of 0.5% for millions of cycles.

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