VariPump™ - Variable Metering Pump Concept

The Zaxis
VariPump™ system combines the user-friendly TSi (Touch Screen Interface) programmable controller and a state-of-the-art FMI metering module. This technology employs extreme tolerance diamond honed ceramic pump components and an electronically controlled linear stepper actuator to make ultra-fine adjustments to pump angle position, thereby changing the quantity of metered liquid. This allows the VariPump™ system to provide enhanced fluidic movement of fluids varying in viscosity and surface tension.

One of the many attributes of this pump, is that it is valveless and has only one moving part, the piston. This translates into millions of maintenance free cycles (approx. 84 million cycles). Maintenance, when required, is quite simple. The metering module can be disassembled and reassembled in a fraction of the time it takes to service a conventional pump, minimising down time. This system achieves an unmatched degree of accuracy when metering a wide variety of fluids.

The pump used in the
VariPump™ system is a rotating and reciprocating pump design manufactured by FMI. Controlling the synchronized rotating and reciprocating movement allows the TSi controller to accurately maintain the displacement of the piston. With the piston and the sleeve being manufactured from ceramic, the assembly is manufactured to extremely tight tolerances, ensuring accuracy and repeatability. This pump design eliminates the need for external supply and discharge valves; the intake port of the pump is never common to the discharge port. The VariPump™ system will change the way industry meters fluids.

The VariPump™ is a fully programmable Fluid Metering device, which easily interfaces with computers / PLC.  The VariPump™ uses a standard Q Type FMI CeramPump (CSC or CPC), rotating reciprocating positive displacement pump to provide an accurate repeatable shot.


The valveless pumping function is accomplished by the synchronous rotation and reciprocation of the ceramic piston in the precisely mated ceramic cylinder liner
- see FMI pump animation on the left of the page.

One complete piston revolution is required for each suction/discharge cycle.

Variable Shot

Two stepper motors driven by an onboard microprocessor control this system. Variable shot is accomplished through the use of 2 independently controlled stepper motors.

One motor adjusts the shot volume by changing the angle of the FMI Pump Head thereby lengthening or shortening the stroke of the pump.

The second motor controls the FMI Valveless CeramPump dispense speed and frequency of the shot.

This allows for ultra fine adjustments to be made to the shot size. Fine tune your shot for your needs.

  • No tools needed
  • No air is needed
  • No dials to adjust
  • No guessing
  • No mistakes

The system can be freestanding or can be integrated into an existing system.

The main difference with this new technology is that the pump is smart as the controller is on-board. The embedded microprocessor can store up to 100 programs and can be pre-programmed with unique parameters. The stand-alone metering system can interfaced with a host computer, PLC or Zaxis' TSi (Touch Screen Interface).

All parameters such as RPM, volume per stroke, direction of flow can all be modified via the serial bus.  Each setting can be downloaded via the communication port.  For those users that want a stand-alone system, the VariPump™ Touch Screen Interface ( ) gives the user the ability to program one or many VariPumps.

Touch Screen Interface ( TSi )

If a host computer / PLC is required, the pump will communicate directly to the host via a single or multi-drop serial bus.  With this configuration, the TSi gets its data from each of the VariPumps one at a time.  The display offers global commands i.e. set shot size for one or all dispensers with a push of a button...

The TSi communicates & programs up to 16 metering devices on a single bus, then can be unplugged... 


When pulsing is a problem, the Tri-Pump is a solution with this 3 phase variable metering pump you can dispense large dispense volumes with less "pulsing".  Rgis is achieved by configuring 3 pumps set at 120° out of phase which other to produce a virtually pulse free continuous flow.


  • True positive displacement
  • 3 Pumps set 120 degrees out of phase to provide a pulse free flow
  • 3 pumps can run concurrently for high displacement
  • Chemically inert fluid path with Ceramic Piston and Cylinder
  • Seal less design
  • Stepper motor controlled adjustable shot size
  • 0.5% accuracy over range
  • High duty cycle (85 million cycles without variance)
  • Interchangeable pump heads
  • On-board, microprocessor with dual motor amplifiers
  • Stand alone with 100 stored programs
  • Networkable IP Ethernet gateways - upto 100 pumps on single RS485 bus
  • Plug & Play with TSi

Cleaning & Autoclaving

The split body option enables the user to quickly remove the pump head(s) for cleaning and/or autoclaving.  The pump head disassembles quickly for inspection and cleaning.  Other sanitary metering pumps are available.






Fittings Options
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    Chromatography     Compression
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